Welcome to Sabra Microsystems


Sabra Microsystems has set itself the goal of being a leader in the field of embedded/real-time systems. Our services include consulting, hardware validation & design and real-time software solutions.

Besides our services to others, Sabra Microsystems has its own projects which are intended to end up as a shelf-product, or as a package of both technological implementation and intellectual property.

Our experience in the field of FPGAs - especially with Altera design tools and working environment - includes DSP applications and high speed computing design, integration to PCB/PCI cards (with both analog and digital functionality), and verification issues.

We will be happy to assist you any time and to see if we can be of an asset to your project; we commit to help you reach an efficient, optimized, bug-free product, while keeping short Time-To-Market.

Among our customers you can find industry leading electronics firms as well as start-up companies and colleges, with a large variety of fields - Communication, DSP, Technology Institutes, IP development and others.